Sign Materials was founded in 2002 is a leading distributor of materials for the sign industry. It has a carried a wide variety of products from well-recognized brands for over 15 years now.  

Sign Materials is constantly searching for more top-quality products to provide a comprehensive repertoire to our clientele. The company is aggressively growing its direct source business and diversifying its supplier base into new geographies. Therefore, its global sourcing capability has increased significantly in the past few years contributing to gross margin expansion.

Our clientele is of our utmost priority; therefore, we relentlessly strive to give an exceptional service, being as responsive as possible, always with a professional demeanor. Not to mention, we establish a relationship with every single of our clients to get to know their needs and find solutions together.  

We maintain a vast stock of the most popular products. Furthermore, we separate and reserve specific ones for the sole use of each of our clients. We do this bases on demand patterns and as requested. This is one way we strategize about and work with them to be able to deliver the products they need, when they need them, at accessible prices.